About Us

Rev4 Unplugged, plugging in to your brand and bringing it to life.

Rev4 Unplugged, a podcast and videography company and so much more. The talented team behind Unplugged noticed a real need for brands and businesses to get the most out of their content marketing strategy, giving them an opportunity to showcase not only their services, but also their ethos and culture for a variety of reasons from sales right through to recruitment.

Revolution Four offers social media management as a service for clients but found that our skills were best utilised in generating and managing campaigns as a separate service rather than just through monthly social media management. Through this, the team were able to see much better traction on what was being posted, allowing us to identify the content that works well for our clients so we can deliver the offering in a much more strategic manner.

Meet the Team

Charlotte Garland

Head of Production

Justine Mclaughlin


Nik Ellis


Josh Stanley

Animation & Graphics

Luke Hughes

Web Designer