This is how Rev4 Unplugged started! It is safe to say that through podcasts, we continue to see the biggest growth and development for brands. Not only do you create a podcast to use across platforms, but also the audio is yours to use, including a feature on our Spotify page!

Every podcast is designed with a title or target in mind, dependent on the need of your business. Whether you want an interview, a round table piece, games or educational pieces, our podcasts can be designed by you regarding the tone and direction. As part of your content creation strategy, we will develop a series of podcasts to generate traction for your industry based on a full analysis of your data with your target in mind.

Varying from Spill the Tea, where we discuss pretty much anything that we feel like, to What on Earth, our latest series discussing the emotional topic of current affairs from around the world, including global warming. For a team who love to chat, we really do get through a lot across our four series! If you want content, get in touch to discuss how podcasts can help your business.