Sponsorship doesn’t cost a fortune and can do wonders for your business! It is a great way to provide business exposure and get your products or services seen across a variety of platforms and a chance to connect with new customers far and wide.

But Why Sponsor Unplugged?

Well, Why Not?

We are an enthusiastic bunch of creatives working to increase our exposure exponentially over a variety of platforms, and we want you to join us on our journey and enjoy all the perks along the way! We are in a position where we are aiming to grow our brand, but we also want to double up your sponsorship by promoting those who join us in these early days with opportunities that are available outside of what is proposed for no extra charge, bonus!

We aim to build your brand awareness and work with you to hit your own goals and targets through your content marketing, whether that be by featuring on our podcasts, sponsoring our shows or pop-up events at your location. We will work with you to come up with fun and engaging ways to promote your business or service within our shows.

A huge benefit of sponsorship with Unplugged is that we develop a unique code, phone number or landing page where we can then track the traffic developed by those converting!

Our first sponsor sold over 200 products within their first few sponsorships using our unique code! They’re still with us today!

What’s Involved?

All sponsorships are fully bespoke to you, however most include:

  • Your brand logo featured in the corner of the sponsored show, if that is the choice of sponsorship, on all our videography
  • Mentioned throughout the show on all audios
  • Social media plugs across all our platforms
  • Advertising space on our digital platforms – website
  • Your very own unique code / landing page / link featured on our visuals and mentioned throughout the show to allow you to track the conversions as the sponsorship runs
Additional Extras
  • Paid advertising opportunities available for targeted marketing in line with the show sponsorship
  • Email marketing opportunities to our database of local businesses and clients


Sponsorship deals fluctuate dependant on your needs, the shows you wish to be associated with and the frequency of that show. In order for us to price your package accordingly, our production manager will have a chat with you to discuss the goals you have from the sponsorship and what you would like to achieve to ensure that we can develop the perfect sponsorship for you and your business.

Let us help you boost your brand