As you can see in today’s podcast we have stepped out of the Unplugged studio and in to the beautiful Lu Ban restaurant to podcast with Liverpool’s superstar chef, Dave Critchley.

Dave takes us right back to where it all started working in the kitchens from the age of 15, to becoming the last ever international apprentice of China’s Master Chef, Master Wu.

Not only that, Dave talks us through the struggles of going a million miles at once to sat on the sofa when the world was put to a halt during the Covid-19 pandemic. Such a negative time in which Dave decided to do something positive and give back to the community through food banks, drop off services and providing substantial healthy school meals.

Fast forwarding to March 2021 Dave was invited on to the BBC’s ‘Great British Menu’ where top British Chefs compete for the chance to produce a menu which is served at a prestigious banquet.

On top of all of that, Dave reveals some exclusive Unplugged only gossip!

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